How is Artificial Intelligence Impacting Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is genuine and all around us. It helps us run operations, streamline processes and it can predict outcomes too. Not only big companies but small organizations that do not generate enough revenue are also making use of AI for things such as optimization, advertising, and audience insights.

There is no doubt that AI is all around us and significantly affects every aspect of the business. AI has been beneficial for marketers. Forbes reported that 22% of marketers currently use AI-based applications, and an additional 57% plan on using it in the next two years. It can generate sales, customer retention, and much more. Through AI, marketers can get a profound knowledge about their audience and activities.

Let’s take a look at just how AI is impacting marketing.

The Impact of AI on Marketing

- It is used to create content

Yes, it is still not possible for AI to write full-length blogs and articles, but it is going to be able to do so soon. For example, many content pieces get short updates, numbers, and stats by using AI. However, many want AI to be able to write and brainstorm content ideas someday soon.

Marketers can use the data output from AI to create content targeted specifically at their customer base, which is highly likely to convert. They want to create valuable content for their customers, which cannot be done with plain content. Therefore, marketers can use AI to create content and to analyze groups of customers, their mutual interests, pain points, and behaviors. This way, marketers can create exclusive content for their customers.

- It is used to advertise

AI is highly beneficial for online advertising. It can make advertising easier as its programmatic advertising technology can create campaigns and place ads. AI can examine which spaces to buy for the advertisements and which users should see these ads. Moreover, many platforms also use A/B testing. This AI system can run two campaigns at once and helps identify the best ad based on a certain amount of data collected.

Marketers use AI to make their advertising more appealing to customers.

- It is used to improve the overall marketing strategy

AI provides marketers with insight into their audience and helps them understand their customer’s journey better from the beginning till the end. Through AI, they can identify how the customers discovered the business, their pain points, and how they made the decision.

AI gives companies the power to identify patterns and predict the behavior of their customers, which can improve their advertising immensely. Furthermore, AI can save a lot of time for marketers. It can do much of their job, such as gathering data and analyzing it to modify future campaigns. With the help of AI, marketers can focus on creating strategies for their campaigns and come up with better ideas.


AI is always gathering new information and analyzing it. Because it is so fast and efficient at this, it can improve the quality and quantity of data available to businesses. Therefore, the marketing sector can design richer and more targeted campaigns to generate better leads.

There is no doubt denying the impact AI has on marketing. It has made the job of marketers much more manageable and lets them focus on what they truly should focus on — creating compelling campaigns and advertisements.

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