Investor Relations Websites: 5 Things Every IR Site Should Have

Investor Relations Websites

If you are looking to attract investors, the key is to create a website that displays your company’s story and provides timely, accurate, and helpful information.

The website is the first place the investor visits to learn about your company. Therefore, stepping into your investor’s shoes helps you figure out the content the website should display. To help you accomplish this, this blog will break down the must-have elements on an investor’s website.

Must-Haves for an IR Website:

Strong Home Page

The home page of any website can make or break a user’s experience. Hence, it is critical to strengthen the page through thoughtful design and navigation to ensure a positive user experience.

The design of the homepage should be formulated in such a way so that it is easy for the investors to navigate to the IR section. Adding compelling content in this section can attract and resonate with investors.

Often, IR sites are hosted separately by a third-party vendor. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your IR site and the corporate home page’s design is an imitation of each other.

The stock symbol is a necessary element on an investor’s homepage. The ideal way to display it is at the top of each page so that investors using the website know your symbol and the stock exchange that it is listed on and don’t have to look for it. It is, needless to say, that some of the best websites are those that can seamlessly move users along the website.

Access to Financial Data

Financial information on the website provides investors with qualitative data, which is vital information needed in one’s decision making when looking to invest in your company. These are some of the best practices that will give an accurate overview to the investor about your past and present corporate story:

· Press releases

· Annual financial reports

· Regulatory filings

· Investor presentations

· Archived financial reports

· Detailed share price

· Historical stock data

Categorizing financial data in this manner will make it easier for investors to perform necessary diligence on your company.

Why Invest?

When browsing through your website, investors do not like to read paragraphs. Instead, they require bite-sized information in the beginning to judge the financial situation of the company. It can be displayed in the form of bullet points. If you want to have a competitive edge, incorporate these points in a short video demonstrating your progress, it will surely entice the investor to research more about your company.

Corporate governance

Generally, the corporate governance section is overlooked. However, it is the most critical part of the website. Displaying your management team and board of directors gives investors confidence and increases trust to invest in the company.

Events Calendar

If you want investors to show up at your events, make sure to have an events calendar. It will keep your investors updated and ensure you reach out to a larger audience. Additionally, to keep the investors updated about the latest events, multiple touchpoints for sign-up should be incorporated, enabling them to sign up for calendar notifications.

ESG initiative

In today’s age, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) initiatives are a top priority for investors. ESG are the three central factors that measure the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in the company.

Along with other elements that make up your corporate image, ESG also reflects your core values, goals, and position in the market — all the components most investors consider when assessing your company’s future revenue potential.

Final Thought

The main aim of an IR website is to provide investors with factual information about the company. Adding the above features to your website will increase the time investors spend on your website, resulting in a better understanding of your organization for the clients. However, make sure to keep your website simple, professional, and updated with the latest news.

If you want to learn more about how IR firms should maintain their online presence, contact us. We are an award-winning firm, and we will guide you thoroughly about how can you can boost your business with your website. Pristine Advisers —



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